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jeudi 3 mars 2011

Contest - Android Goodies Giveaway - MWC 2011 - Closed

Contest Here =
VISIT the Google's Booth and WIN some GOODIES ANDROID.
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Discover the Google's Booth, the coolest stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC 2011) :
Toboggan ride...A small smoothie or two...the Androidify booth (Make android your own)...the Big Nexus S ...the beautifull Nexus s assembly line of all of the Android devices ever created ...closure of the Google stand ,.... And The folly of pins that has invaded the Congress ... A real shot at a lower communication costs for Google because it could pass in each hall, Sandwich board person proudly wearing the colors of android!
And I confess to have been them! why not you? One thing to do: SUB to my channel, COMMENT AND THUMPS UP !!!
and ONE of you 'll WIN a set of ANDROID GOODIES :
android Figure avatar kits (androski) !!
android stikers !!
android plush !!
android pins (the green one - limited edition)
photo here :
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