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samedi 4 décembre 2010

Suli SL-7, 7" Capacitive-Glass RK2818 $249 Android Tablet

Here's an exclusive unveiling for an upcoming new Android tablet design made by Suli International Co., Ltd. It's a nice combination of the new higher performance Rockchip RK2818 (ARM9 600mhz + 550mhz new high performance DSP) with Glass type 7" Capacitive multi-touch touch screen. It supports 3G USB dongles on the USB host connector. Plays back mp4 and rmvb video at up to 1280x720 (bitrates/high profiles not yet confirmed). The Rockchip RK2818 improves web browsing from RK2808. At $249 this one is thus positionned $150 cheaper than the ARM11 Qualcomm MSM7227 3G-enabled Foxconn 7" Tablet (also known among other brands as Viewpad 7) also providing a glass type capacitive screen.


3 commentaires:

  1. Yep... look what you get for the $249 at archos : a 7" ARCHOS 70 internet tablet with
    -also capacitive screen
    -latest version of android 2.2 froyo
    -light and slim design (the thinnest 7" capacitive actually with 1cm only)
    -ARM processor faster than 2818, that will leave your device stuck with ANDROID 2.1 ECLAIR as it is not able to go Froyo!
    Get the information about ARCHOS 70 internet tablet instead, you'll make a better investment with your 249 bucks!

  2. Agrees! Archos rocks ! I own 7,0 ;-)

    But notice the new tablet Notion ink ADAM, that vil be a real killer with speed; 2 X 1 1Ghz CPU! to same price as Archos (399$). Will be ready for sale december-janaur

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