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lundi 20 décembre 2010

Live Without Limit With Samsung Galaxy Tab

From Paris with My Samsung Galaxy Tab (unofficial Ad )
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is perfect for life on the go. The 7" touchscreen packs incredible entertainment and communication features, while a slim and light weight design ensures both comfort and portability. It features the new Android 2.2 operating system, voice and face-to-face video calling, and four new amazing Hubs (Music, Media, Readers and Social) for the ultimate tablet experience. The Galaxy Tab also supports Flash 10.1 and delivers the full web experience for you to enjoy. Enjoy life without limits with the Galaxy Tab.


Google navigation , google maps , Location ,street view , Video futur , l' , Facebook ,Ttwitter , Swype, ExZeus , NFS , Gmail , Layar, Google Earth, TV-OUT,, 20 minutes....



1 commentaire:

  1. really awesome job you've done in this video !! i really like it from the beginning to the End :)
    well i think you really enjoy your tablet, hope i can get mine soon and do the same as you did (or even a little close)

    thank you very much for this video and please keep it up (want to see more in the future and i will subscribe in you channel of Youtube)