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lundi 6 décembre 2010

Input device for Android ( joystick , mouse..)

The Vector Pad is advanced sensor mudule for HID(Human Interface Device). It is thin, ultra small and multi-functional force sensor system which can measure the force on 360 degree direction,from very small value to big one.

This is demonstration movie that connects the evaluation kit(EVK)of VectorPad with Nexus One.

VectorPad is input device of multi-function that can output mouse, Jog, and Joystick event to UI.

VectorPad is very thin and the best for the cell-phone.

We already have prepared the evaluation kit(EVK) and VectorPad library for Android, Media-tech, Linux, etc.


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  1. Ooh... How big is the pad? If it's big enough, I think it would be awesome to use SlydeBoard without getting my screen dirty!