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samedi 27 novembre 2010

Viewsonic G-Tablet Android 2.2 Rooted with Google Marketplace

G-Tablet from Viewsonic, terrible as stock, but once tweaked and rooted it rocks. Google apps installed, including marketplace, Flash 10.1, Pandora, Winamp. Full YouTube website all videos available - you won't get that on an iPad. nVidia Tegra is speedy, and this is definitely a great tablet if you aren't afraid to do some rooting - thanks to everyone at

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  1. G-Tablet byBuy Diablo 3 items Viewsonic, awful as investment, but once modified as well as grounded the idea D3 Gold Yahoo and google applications installed, such as market place, Display Ten.One, Pandora, Winamp. Whole Metacafe internet sitecheap D3 items almost all movies obtainable * you simply won't have that with an ipad from apple. nVidia Tegra is swift, and this also is definitely a excellent supplement in case you are not reluctantCheap GW2 Gold to accomplish a few rooting -- thanks to all people at