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vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Google CEO Schmidt On Importance Of Android To Google

Schmidt answered a number of questions relating to Android at this press lunch. Here are some highlights (and time marks). Also answering on the video is Jonathan Rosenberg, senior vice president, product management, at Google.

When will there be an Android phone better than the iPhone.... (Beginning of video)

"You're not familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S?"

Why hardware makers can issue their own flavors of Android.... (1:17 in)

"Our policy is to allow the hardware manufacturers to add what consider to be value added .... it seems to be working .... partners like the fact that they can add value."

On the Android / iPhone battle.... (3:00 in)

"It benefits both companies, because it increases competition, and I think both companies can do very well .... the fact that these things become popular and everybody wants them, means everybody wins."

On how not making any money on Android doesn't matter... (6:12 in)

"We make zero. It's free. That would be the definition of no margin .... I have been surprised at how important Android is to our business, but for none of the reasons that you all [in the media] talk about. It's fundamentally because Android is seen as representative of the new model of computing."

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