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dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Android + iOS

"The Chinese have brought us many great things over the years. Bruce Lee, practically every toy you've played with as a kid, and Panda Express.
Thanks to one of my many good friends on Twitter, (Eric McBride AKA @Dai323) I have found the next big thing from China. Its an Android ROM called MIUI.

Just when you think you've seen all that Android has to offer this company seemingly came out of nowhere to release one of the most original types of UI ever to grace our handsets. Of course, you could argue that its not TOO original seeing how its taken a lot of cues from Apple's iOS but its the melding of these 2 great ideas into one that really makes it special. I know there are some die hard Android fanboys out there that will consider this ROM and abomination and would rather spit on it than put it anywhere near their phone. But for people like me who love new things, innovation and ease of use, I have fallen in love with this Chinese ROM. Not only does it look beautiful but its also based off Android 2.2 AOSP and it flies like a bat out of hell.

Now, it does come from China and there are NUMEROUS devs working on localizing this (Cyanogen himself in talks with MIUI) for just about every popular Android phone out there. Even in its current state its not too hard to navigate familiar Android menus (I'd say 80% of the ROM is in English). This ROM also self updates so if you're the paranoid type, you might wanna stay away. But if you decide to take the plunge and you wanna give it a shot, you might experience the freshest thing to happen to Android in quite awhile.

Special thanks once again to for bringing us this quick port and for helping me get this running on my Evo."


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