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lundi 28 juin 2010

Dell Streak, Nexus One, Archos 5 IT Benchmark

Does the streak suffer a 30FPS limit like HTC Evo?

EDIT: Credits to richardlai for noticing this in the video. In the 2nd test, all 3 devices are running at different resolutions.

The Nexus is running at 533*320
The Archos is running at 711*427
The Dell is running at the maximum resolution of 800*480

After doing some comparison benchmarks on my Dell Streak, It seemed it was limited to a maximum of 30FPS, just like the HTC Evo.

I've recorded this video comparing the Streak running Android 1.6, to the Archos 5 IT (also on 1.6) and the Nexus One running Android 2.2 (FRF83 Build).

Benchmarks used were And3DBench and FPS2D from the Android Market.

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