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samedi 27 février 2010

iHome Full Magical Iphone Experience on all Android phones

"Some people dont like customise the home , so with this ihome you have a interface like (i)phone with all your apps in one place ( no Menu ) this is a better experience for some new users from ;)
when you show an android phone to an i phone addict it always say mine is more easy to use : ihome WILL BE nice for ancient users = same interface but with nice eye candies and the choice to customise... "

New home experience all in ! With great 3d effect !!!
tested on Nexus and other phones.... ( android 2.1, android 2.0.1, android 1.6, android 1.5 )
1.easy to use, fast and efficient.
2.provide a whole new experience on Droid perfectly. aHome , openHome & pandaHome 's themes effectively. QVGA , WQVGA 400 , WQVAG432 , HVAG , WVGA800 , WVGA854 .... OS1.5,1.6&20 ( and 2.1 like nexus one htc desire ( bravo ) ....

by NetDragon Websoft Inc
iHome Full Magical Experience

while waiting TAT Home ( MWC 2010 ) , you can use now ihome:
i tested it on samsung galaxy , htc hero , htc tatoo , droid milestone motorola , acer liquid , nexus one google and archos 5it (but this one cant use the 3d effect like with GDE )

trial version

paid version

9 commentaires:

  1. My iHome (on Spica i5700) after reboot phone was double all icons and widges. This program is very chude. Very often it give error and rebload. big plus - it very fast hometable for spica

    p.s. sorry for my english - i`m from Russia

  2. This look very nice and it's very good idea, but with SOOOOOOOO many bad feedback, I'm too afraid to download it.

  3. Wow! its seems like Microsoft tablet!

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