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lundi 15 février 2010

FULL Nexus One ROM on the G1 (Open Eclair)!!!

You asked for it and you GOT IT! 2.1 Eclair on your chubby G1!!! =D

This is Open Eclair brought to you by Chris Soyar, Wes Garner and Friends.

They said it couldn't be done and here it is. A COMPLETE 2.1 Nexus One ROM on the G1.

2.1 Lockscreen
RAM Hack (canceled out if you use Launcher or Live Wallpapers =p)
Nexus Lancher2
Live Wallpapers (some still don't work) Market ones do =)
New 2.0 Eclair apps

Things I like:
All the 2.0 Eclair apps and features
All the 2.1 NEXUS features! (You asked, you got 'em!)
Speed (fast for Eclair)
STABLE (a lot more than KingKlicks 2.1 Hero ROM)
Its an "OPEN" ROM that's being tag teamed by 2 (and more) awesome devs (Chris Soyar, Wes Garner) meaning it will continue to advance =)

Don't Like:
Slow (compared to Super D)
Buggy launcher2 and Nexus gallery, got a few kernel panics causing restart and a frozen screen. Still fairly early so there's room for improvement)
Live wallpapers and Launcher are just for "show." Take up HUGE resources (if G1's weren't so limited this wouldn't be a problem)
Video doesn't work.

This ROM is for people that felt like they were missing out being "stuck with" 1.6
Chris Soyar and Wes Garner have done the impossible and they deserve rightful praise and DONATIONS.

If you like their work show your thanks in donations.

They are doing all this for free and like I said, they've accomplished the "impossible" for US and for nothing.
Show them you appreciate their time and effort and that the ANDROID COMMUNITY IS THE GREATEST! =)

Get the ROM here:

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