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vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Nexus one - Cooliris - Gallery android 2.1

Gallery media on droid 2.0 and Milestone 2.1

Industry and Mobile Leadership Expands As Google Selects Cooliris to Develop Media Gallery for the Nexus One Device; Cooliris Joins Open Handset Alliance

Next-Generation Interface
Navigate albums with a finger swipe, or scroll a timeline to quickly scan by date. Tilt the phone for a cool 3D effect.
Built-in Photo Editor
Touch up photos on the fly. Crop and rotate in seconds.
Time & Location Clusters
Filter and view media grouped together by when they were taken. Even view them by location, if geotagging is enabled.
Share multiple photos and videos via text messaging, email, Picasa, or any Bluetooth computer connection.
Enjoy any album in slideshow mode by selecting a photo and pressing a play button. Or, manually advance with a flick of a finger.
Picasa Sync
Seamlessly sync albums on your phone with those on your Picasa Web Albums account.
Zoom into any photo using our built-in zoom bar.
Personalized Wallpaper
Quickly set any photo as your Wallpaper or a contact icon.

"The official media app for Google's new superphone for Android.

Developed as the official media app for Google's Nexus One device, Media Gallery by Cooliris is the first native phone application to make it as simple to browse, edit, and share photos and videos on your phone as it is on your computer desktop.

Intuitively flip through photo albums, sort by time or geolocaton, and even edit images before you send them off to friends and family, all on a visually stunning user interface that's optimized for touchscreen mobile devices.

Cooliris is a proud member of the Open Handset Alliance. Media Gallery by Cooliris is bundled with all Nexus One devices."

Gallery on Nexus One, developed by Cooliris from Cooliris on Vimeo.

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  1. Where can I download the Android 2.0 or an advanced version of the HTC tattoo? Please reply to mail