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vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Nexus One apps running on Droid - Milestone [HD]

Android 2.1 (flan) apps ported on my Motorola Milestone :

Gallery ( cooliris ) , Deskclock and Genie widget : weather, News , ... !!!!! Full functionality !!!
Here what you will be able to see as of on January 5th on your portable, while waiting, the applications of Nexus One (next the smartphone not With google but by google;) were related to my milestone just for your pleasure!
News, weather, and alarm clock mode as multi-media mode that the dock offers when our robot is posed above
AND the Must of Must the Gallery of the FLAN (android 2.1) !! as you can note it, I could not prevent me from playing with at the time of the video one;)

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