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jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Milestone Android 2.1 - Nexus one style (UPDATED)

Nexus one style on my Milestone 2.0.1 ( NO ROOT) :
- google navigation ( paris )
- genie widget " news and weither "
- gallery 2.1
- android keyboard with voice
- bluetooth call
- lockcreen
- home launcher 2.1
- deskclock
- street view
- Music application
- widget system
- car dock
- google map

android 2.1 apps you need:

droid user : dont forget to uninstall ported apps before 2.1 update

1. new eclair gallery with multi-touch ( last version of the galleryv)
2. google maps with multi-touch
3. genie news and weather 2.1
4. launcher 2.1 or here
5. music app 2.1
6. clock app 2.1
7. flan gallery 2.1 (this one is the old version without multitouch )

instructions for installation...

1. go into settings -> applications and check the "unknown sources" box.
2. visit this post from your phone's browser.
3. tap and download the file onto your phone.
4. tap on the downloaded application once it has finished.
5. install it and tap "open" when installation has completed.


47 commentaires:

  1. you can't show something that cool without showing how you did it!! Please share!

  2. updated ( download right now the apps )

  3. Salut ,
    impossible d'installer Flan gallery sur mon milestone :s

  4. the last one doesn't work for my milestone. it says that i have already the "media" app and that i would be going to overwrite it. after pressing ok "aborted".

    whats the matter?

    flan gallery 2.1
    all the other apps works

  5. 1. I've downloaded the 7 files.
    2. I've opened the seven files and this happened:
    a. The file "Launcher2.apk" doesn't work. I've tried 4 times and the file is corrupt.
    b. The files 1 and 7 of your list (Gallery3DMT.apk and gallery_flan.apk) open the same program: Gallery. When I open one of this program I only can uninstall the other one.

    Then my Milestone looks the same as before but now with a two galleries and two music players (maps, car dock, clock and navigation, already in my Milestone).
    I don't have five home screens neither the "new Nexus one look".

    I'm missing something?
    Thanks four your work and PLEASE tell me how can I improve the general look of the Milestone.

  6. hey anonyme ;)
    the first is the same of the last , just with multi touch on it , please read the description gallery and gallery is the same app, not ???? so just install the first one llery !!
    laucher2 is the new home with the 5 screen , i use it and it works !! so tell me when u press home , do u have the choice to choose between home and launcher ?? if not just go to setting and erase on your Home app the configuration on it , not the app but the setting ! that all , now when u press home you have the choice to use launcher ;)

  7. @Emre : yes its normal before nexus one , we had just gallery with no multitouch but there are now an update with the gallery of the nexus one with multitouch so u dont need to install the old version ( the last files gallery )

  8. androidhd: first up, hats off to a great job! it looks awesome!
    now onto the complaints(you knew this was coming right?).
    i've got a moto milestone and im having the same problem as reported by 'anonyme' above. i cant install launcher2. the system shouts 'Parse Error. There is a problem parsing the package'. Something went wrong when you uploaded the apk?

  9. @Harris , sorry but i try again to install the launcher2 file from my blog on my milestone and it works :))
    i dont undertsand , are you rooted ? where does the milestone come from ?? are you on 2.0.1??..i did upload another file ,check it !

  10. hey! i have a little problem, i can install all the apps, but one cant, and it is the launcher2...
    I tryed to install very times, from the 2 links but i recived this message, "no se puede comprobar el paquete" (in english "can't chek the pakage")...
    I have a motorola milestone, and i from argentina and can't i how to install it...
    preobe also download it to my pc and then try to install it on the phone, but neither can i, tells me the same...
    i have a cuestion, need i have root my phone first before install the launcher apk??
    Thanks all and sorry but my bad english, i know, is very bad!

  11. i forget ask this before...
    may be you that could install the application of the launcher2, have any ROM different to the original which comes by default in motorola milestone?? (android 2.0)

  12. @all : No need to be ROOTED (im not rooted ) just you need android 2.0.1 on your milestone or droid

  13. thank you for responding so quickly, but which can be the problem that don't me instal? because try several times and not leave me install it... can u help me?

  14. ahh, ok, andoroid 2.0.1 only? you try with android 2.0? here in argentina, the update 2.0.1 it's not yet... and the other roms, brick all the phones...

  15. Androidhd: No I'm not rooted. My bad! I didn't realise I needed 2.0.1 for the launcher. This is the Milestone as sold here in the UK and a 2.0.1 update isn't available yet. How did you manage to get 2.0.1 on a Milestone?
    And is there any workaround? Having those 5 home screens would be really cool as I've run out of space!

  16. ya , here in Paris we have 2.0.1 !!
    @harry : your update 'll come this week !!
    or just update your Milestone via the Motorola Updater on the motorola milestone UK website..
    but you know if you want just have 5 home screens , there a lot of home apps which can do that and more...(in a next video i 'll show you)

  17. Androidhd: thanks! will wait for the 2.0.1. am also starting to develop apps myself! this is addictive! looking fwd to your other vids :)

  18. Hello,
    great post, I really love it! :)
    I have two question:

    1) Is there any "undo" if I want to return at my original Android system (2.0.1)... so restoring gallery, menu, homescreens,...?

    2) When motorola will launch the 2.1 Update, there could be any problem if I install these apk files?!?!?!

    Thanks in advance!


  19. a dit...

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the apps, they worked perfect!

    You breathed new life to my droid's interface. This allows me to play with 2.1 apps and still stay on 2.0 until motorola decides to officially release 2.1.

    Thanks again!

  20. Do you have the Power Control Widget for Nexus One to test on Milestone? the black widget which came with Nexus One is really pretty and I want to test it on my cellphone, please let me know if you have that apk file, as I could see the file should be Settings.apk, thanks in advance.

  21. Hello,
    great job. I installed the apps on my Milestone and im really fascinated. Thank you for that.
    I set the Launcher2 Homescreen as default. Do you know how i can get back the prompt, where i can choose between the original Homescreen and the Launcher2 Homescreen? And how can i uninstall the ported apps?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hi,
    excellent job! Just would like to know how do you delete these files for the future. Will you lose the original version? Thanks.

  23. Whick APK will install the keyboard with voice recognition??

    Great work!

  24. hey! I installed the flan gallery on my droid/milestone 2.0.1

    After installing, It keeps “force closing”

    any solution for this?

  25. Does this home launcher work in offical milestone 2.1?

  26. Valeu mesmo. Parabéns pelo trabalho e muitíssimo obrigado por compartilhar. Seu blog já esta no topo dos meus favoritos. Obrigado.

  27. Hi Are you going to port over more apps to Milestone and Thanks for your work :)

  28. Hi there. does this work with milestone? =)

  29. Hey AndroidHD. If im using 2.1 Milestone, can i still get the wallpapers and menu of the Nexus One? what application do i need for those? thanks alot

  30. Hi i want to know, how you put your menu style?? sori for the english i´m brazilian!

  31. Bonjour,

    Comment faites vous pour avoir la reconnaissance vocale sur le clavier tactile?

    Merci, toutes les apps fonctionnent "bien"! Le launcher crash parfois sur mon Milestone..

  32. I am using Milestone with 2.1 (Telus). Since we didn't get a lot of the new 2.1 apps I decided to give these a try.

    All, but two, work right.

    1. Launcher doesn't like to run properly, it crashes and runs slow. Might be because I'm running 2.1 already.

    2. The music player still has the "random music playing" bug. But since I can't remove the built in player, BOTH start playing at the same time. lol Had to uninstall that one, there wasn't much of a difference anyways.

    I'm loving the new clock, gallery and news/weather app. Thanks a lot for posting these!

  33. Getting the G1 working in Canada on Rogers' GSM network isn't hard, but you won't be able to use a true 3G connection - you'll only get an EDGE connection. For me, that's good enough and I love the phone. I've never owned an iPhone so I'll leave the iPhone vs G1 debate to others.

  34. thanks! working fine on my Milestone!

  35. Cool! And I also can get some performance benefit with change Music.apk. In Korea, There are some bugs on Music.apk because of SKTelecom (They modified it for their music streaming service. And, it leaves some bugs such as ignoring .nomedia file, etc.).

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  37. Ce nouvel Android est super. Merci pour la procedure d'installation. Fontionne parfaitement.

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